This document explains how to deploy a virtual wireless sensor network using Cooja and SDN-WISE.

Step 1: Grab Instant Contiki

We begin by downloading Instant Contiki, installing VMWare Player, and booting up Instant Contiki. You can find more details on Contiki and Instant Contiki here.

Download Instant Contiki

Download Instant Contiki. It is a large file, just over 2GB. When downloaded, unzip the file, place the unzipped directory on the desktop.

Download Instant Contiki

Install VMWare Player

Download and install VMWare Player. It is free to download. It might require a reboot of your computer, which is unfortunate but needed to get networking working.

Download VMWare Player

Start Instant Contiki

Boot Ubuntu

Start Instant Contiki by running Instant_Contiki_Ubuntu_12.04_32-bit.vmx. Wait for the virtual Ubuntu Linux boot up.

Log in

Log into Instant Contiki. The password is user.